New "get polls" endpoint return random HTTP 500 error


I don’t know if this is normal but I have noticed that this new api returns 500 errors quite regularly, which makes it impossible to see the list of the last 20 polls.

I wanted to create a service that allows me to terminate or archive active polls without knowing its ID. So I made the list and then I took the assets to perform the action.

It took me a while to understand that this road only answered once in a while … Not incredible ^^

Worth noting you can only have 1 active poll at once. So you onlly need to get 1 instead of 20

So doing first=1 will return the most recent poll, and you can check that state and action, instead of getting 20 and processing them

Same with the predictions endpoint. Only one prediction can be active at once.

As to this random 500, you should raise it on the GitHub, Issues · twitchdev/issues · GitHub with the reproduction steps but since it’s intermittent it might not even be related to the Polls endpoint but another part of helix.

It’s not something I have observed with my own testing. (Just done a random spot test just now and not be able to get any 500’s)

So if you get a 500 just insta retry, then if you get 2/3 in a row like that, then theres probably something worth reporting

I fully understand this remark, I just wanted to be sure, but hey, I will reduce my hit request.

I cannot explain to myself the random 500 errors, it is very very strange … I call, it works, I call, it no longer works, etc.

yeha joys of 500’s no idea where the problem lies the server just went “nope”

Update: It does seem that if I limit my call it crashes a lot less often.

So I will apply your advice while monitoring anyway. I know it’s a beta and that asking for a currently stable solution is utopian :slight_smile:

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