New helix api Rate limits and "bearer"

As it said in documentation

Rate Limits
Each client ID is granted a total of 30 queries per minute (if a Bearer token is not provided) or 120 queries per minute (if a Bearer token is provided), across all new Twitch API queries. If this limit is exceeded, an error is returned: HTTP 429 (Too Many Requests).

I want to use twitch helix api to convert list of userids to usernames with that requests Reference | Twitch Developers

Example in api includes Bearer by default.

  1. Am i forced to use bearer for that particular request?
  2. Since rate limits are tightly connected to bearer, is it recommended to use Bearer Oauth key everytime i make api request from bot itself without propagating api request to webclient\bot frontend?

I would recommend using a valid Bearer token for every request. Requests on behalf of a user using User Access Tokens and other requests using an App Access Token.

That particular endpoint does not require a valid token, as long as you specify at least one id or login.

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thank you

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