New in Extensions: Twitch Actions

Hey friends!

I just wanted to drop a note regarding a new feature of Extensions which we’re referring to as “Twitch Actions”.

Twitch Actions allow your extensions to prompt the user to perform first-party functionality. The first action we’ve implemented—by popular request—is the followChannel function. This will allow your extensions to prompt a viewer to follow specified channels.

A good example use-case for this would be an e-sports scenario where the channel is broadcasting gameplay between competing teams of players. Your extensions can now enable viewers to follow players directly from the current channel.


Please feel free to post any questions you may have!

— Amorelandra


I used this new API to create an Extension that shows your Twitch team members and lets viewers follow them straight from the Extension

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hey @tf2casperr :slight_smile:

Love it. Great work!

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