New onContext properties and max-height request

isDarkMode - Let us detect if the user have dark mode enabled, so we can adjust the styling accordingly.

isVisible - Let us know if the (panel) extension is visible in the viewers browser. Some viewers never scroll down below the video feed, to the panels. This would be a nice resource saver for plugins that require a socket connection or other callbacks to our servers, then we could create that connection or fetch that data the 1st time the viewer got our extension in their browser view.

Allow us to dynamically set the height of our panel extensions. An extension I’m working on is gonna display a list of items. Some streamers might have 40+ items, which would all fit in 300-400px, while others might have 1-5 items. I don’t really wanna fill 250px or more with garbage, but would rather like if the extension was smaller for these streamers that doesn’t require as much space/height instead.

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Hey Durland,

Just want to let you know we’ve seen this - thank you for the feedback!

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