New to Twitch! Help please! :D

Hello Sir/Madam

I am AdamWarlord ,i am 15 years old almost on this coming June 16, I have some doubts and queries on twitch.I would be really grateful if someone helped me out with this.

1.I DO NOT want to get banned of twitch at all.I want to learn and know all the ways in which twitch can ban or ip-ban me.

2.I heard that one of the reasons can be if we get many viewers in a short period of time (example is a ViewBot or a follower bot if that exists)
i didn’t quite get the meaning of this.

3.I WANT to know how i can be safe from viewbots or jerks who give me more views on purpose or say lies that i have bought their viewbot service and just get me banned of twitch.

4.How can i earn money through twitch? all the procedures and ways please in detail. can i use the music(copyrighted and/or royalty free) in my live streams? By doing this will i be banned?

6.How to record my Livestreams in “past broadcasts”?

7.And ALSO what is SWATTING??? How can i not get SWATTED??? I AM really scarred of this.

8.How can i prevent from other people knowing about my personal data and information?(like my ip address,mobile number,address etc.)

Thats all the questions for now! :smiley:

Thanks alot!
Please reply asap :slight_smile:
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First and foremost, this forum is dedicated to questions regarding the Twitch API and other developer-related topics. This is a question more suited to the general help forum over at, so please direct any further questions like this over there.

Disclaimer: All the information below is off the top of my head and may not be correct. Also I don’t represent twitch and all that jazz so I obviously don’t 100% know what they will or won’t do. (Especially with regards to bans)

  1. AFAIK twitch will only ban you if you are in violation with the Terms of Service (Found here).
  2. Paying services to artificially boost your view count is against the terms of service, and is a ban-able offence.
  3. If you don’t view-bot, you should be fine. If someone else is attacking you or your channel and trying to get you banned, just report them and you should be alright.
  4. Become a twitch partner. Details: here
  5. Don’t use copyrighted music in your streams (AFAIK it is a violation of the ToS). You CAN be banned for that. (It seems like a lot of smaller channels get away with it though. If you’re paranoid about being banned I wouldn’t risk it).
  6. Check automatically archive my broadcasts here
  7. I have never personally heard of SWATTING.
  8. If you don’t post your personal information then you should be alright.

Swatting is where someone who knows your home address calls in a hostage situation/bomb threat to your local pd, and they send swat out to investigate. It usually results in the streamer being handcuffed on stream. Best way to avoid is to not give personal info out to anyone and to secure any way they can learn your IP address (ex skype)

Thanks a lot sir!
and about the music…will my music be muted or will i get banned if i use music which is IN the Twitch Music Library???

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