New Twitch API give me 404 Not Found

hi guys !

I try to switch to new twitch API (helix), but i hit a snag.

The doc at said curl -H "Authorization: Bearer <access token>"

So i try this on my terminal (and on my php server) and i got this
curl -H "Authorization: Bearer <my_bearer_access_token>"

but this return {“error”:“Not Found”,“status”:404,“message”:""}

does anyone know how to solve that?

For information, i try to make a authentication system (who worked with kraken :broken_heart:)

Thanks for yours replies !

That’s just an example of how to send an access token, there’s no actual endpoint which is why it 404’s.

For an authentication system you can either use the validation endpoint:

or the Get Users endpoint:

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how can i get access token
with those endpoints?

The Authentication docs explain how to obtain an access token, there are different types depending on what you need.

Also, please don’t necro old threads with off-topic posts.