New Twitch API Update: Webhooks are here! And Games API! And Video API!


The wait is finally over.

Webhooks is live. We’re launching with user Follows, so that you can be notified the instant a user follows another user. Read the documentation to find out more.

Also included in this update: Games API. You all asked for it, and we delivered. Because like we told you before, we’re listening. We want our devs to have a great experience working with the new Twitch API.

We also added a Video Retrieval API, so you can look up videos by IDs, by user, or by game.

We can’t wait to see what you build!


Very nice! Thanks for that!
So do i understand right that the Main Goal will be to replace PubSub in a far future with these WebHooks?
Or will PubSub still exists for SubNotifications?

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Right now we’re not ready to comment on the future of PubSub. But Webhooks is specifically being written with third party developers in mind, so we’re hoping you’ll find it serving your needs much better than PubSub does :slight_smile:

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Nice indeed! :grinning:
Though it looks like the Games API doesn’t help with browsing games’ list, it’s only for getting info on a specific game.
Do you plan to add some replacement for /games/top Kraken endpoint?

Right now the only work we have really confirmed is on the product roadmap But we’re always listening and considering how to best serve both our dev community’s and Twitch’s needs :slight_smile:

Hey, it would be very useful if the webhook payloads sent a bit more information about the users. For example, the follows topic only sends the id of the user. This is not sufficient for most purposes. In my case, I want to relay this information to a discord channel. In order to get enough information I need to follow up the webhook with a request to the API to get more information about the user. The only thing is that the Client-ID is ratelimited. I’m certain that more than 30 webhooks will come in per minute, so not all of them will be processed.

TL;DR The webhooks should send basic information about the user in addition to just the id. The avatar id, display name, and channel link would be sufficient.

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I believe the idea behind this is to keep the web hook payload consistent with he actual users endpoint. The web hook is just doing the dirty work for us so we don’t have to keep paging the API.

I haven’t done any work with the Twitch web hooks yet, so I am not sure exactly how they impact the use of the rate limit. However, you could always use an app access token, or use the more traditional OAuth token to increase the limit to 120 requests per minute regardless .

To make it short: It should return the same data as “” does.

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