New Twitch API vs Apı v5

Hi all,

I wonder whether new Twitch API methods are limited with the ones mentioned under

If so, how will we find whether a user is subscribed to a specific channel.
That can be achieved by

in API v5.

How can we handle it in new API.

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The new API isn’t complete yet, the endpoints the docs list are the ones we have to work with right now, but there are more being worked on and by the time v5 is removed we hope that Helix will have all the same features.

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As I keep seeing these questions come up, I wonder if someone from Twitch Dev can tell us when they expect parity or to be “done” with Helix? I am used to being provided a shake-out period of several months (6 or more) before turning off the old and forcing the new. Given that we are now in April, I must admit that December doesn’t seem that far away in the land of software development and testing. I suppose, what I am getting at is, if Twitch is finalizing features in November or even December and those have issues, that doesn’t provide a lot of runway prior to flipping off v5.

Apologies in advance if this seems like an annoying or negative question.

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there’s some kind of roadmap here

unless there’s stuff missing from this, they’re dropping some features. specifically, the search stream/channel/game endpoint

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The roadmap doesn’t contain everything, there are likely some features they can’t announce yet, others that are planned but haven’t reached the ‘exploring’ stage of the roadmap yet, and maybe some features that the team responsible simply haven’t updated the roadmap for yet.

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As you mentioned Roadmap doesn’t containt everything and just shows too few methods in progress and exploring stage in Trello.

If all the features are not covered in new API, we would have to change our existing functionalities and maybe business model on our application which is so critival.

Is there any contact email or official platform that we can send our requests or questions?

we can send our requests and priorities which can be taken into account during the development process, or can be informed that some features would be removed on purpose

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For API feature requests most people just post them here on the forums, although is also a point of contact for you could try. As for what their future plans are, other than the roadmap and what they have already publicly announced, Twitch doesn’t usually comment on that.

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Thanks for the response Dist.


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