Newb question - Do the Extensions/Overlays also work in the App & Embeds


First post here, not a developer also, didn’t know where to post it, but got an assignment from my boss to investigate this. Feel free to (re)move this post if needed.

Do the extensions/interactive overlays also work the if a viewer is watching the stream from the Twitch app and or an embedded version of the stream on another website?

Thank you all :slight_smile:


Overlay and panel extensions are not supported on the Twitch mobile app or mobile website.


Remember that theater mode, full screen, and embed have different UI layouts than the “normal” Twitch player.


So potentially it could work on embeds.

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Thank you for the help :slight_smile:

While Extensions, as mentioned in the Reference posted above by Alca, do not work for the Twitch Mobile App or Mobile Websites, they DO work in the embed for third-party sites when used on a desktop web browser.

Oddly enough, if you are on an Android device, in a web browser, go to a twitch channel that has Panel based Extensions and select “Request Desktop Site”, the Panel extensions WILL load and work. Safari on iOS does NOT actually receive the desktop site, but instead receives the mobile site again.

So do you mean the extension developer needs to modify the extension? I ask as I have the quiz one which works when you do the popout window from the iframe but not when the iframe is running normally

This is a thread from 2017. :man_shrugging: I haven’t worked with extensions in a long time.