Newly created access_token is invalid

I created an access_token with this endpoint:


With following data :

client_id: XXX
client_secret: XXX
grant_type: client_credentials
scope: channel_read channel_editor channel_commercial

This gives me:

    "access_token": "XXX",
    "refresh_token": "",
    "scope": [
    "expires_in": 4742688

(By the way, why doesn’t this endpoint give me a refresh_token?)

When I try to check the validity of this newly created access_token, with the following endpoint:


I get:

    "identified": true,
    "token": {
        "valid": false,
        "authorization": null
    "_links": {
        "channel": "",
        "teams": "",
        "user": "",
        "streams": "",
        "ingests": ""

Any idea?

client_credentials grant type is not used for anything in kraken. You should also use in the token flow as described in the documentation, not the old

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