No cursor parameter for /channels/<channel ID>/subscriptions unlike /channels/<channel ID>/followers

According to the docs, allows to specify a cursor to paginate correctly. However, the similar endpoint for subscribers does not seem to support it.

Is is intended? While I admit the edge case where someone subscribes/a subscription expires while iterating is rare, I would rather add support for the cursor in both my functions.

Also, a partnered streamer tried to use the “send my subscribers by email” feature, and inside the .csv there would be duplicate usernames. The duplicates had “paying” set to false, so I believe this has to do with twitch prime subs not autorenewing and overlapping each other due to the grace period.

Is there any guarantee for the to not have duplicates ?


This is intended. There are two primary ways to page through data in the Twitch API: cursors and offsets. As we’ve been adding new APIs, I’ve been advising those teams to use cursors instead of offset to make this more consistent. Older endpoints haven’t been upgraded though.

Alright thanks I guess I’ll wait a bit for the cursor on subscribers then.

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