No expires_in field in response while getting access token. Attempt 2


The same question was asked a year ago with no answer( No expires_in field in response while getting access token). But it was also before the new API has settled down, so maybe now the situation is more clear.

The documentation says:

New OAuth2 access tokens have expirations. Token-expiration periods vary in length, based on how the token was acquired. Tokens return an expires_in field indicating how long the token should last.

However, in response to this request:

curl -X POST<CLIENT-ID>&client_secret=<CLIENT-SECRET>&code=<CODE>&grant_type=authorization_code&redirect_uri=http://localhost:3000/bla

I’m getting


I wouldn’t care about this, but the OAuth lib in Ruby only exposes a refresh token if the expires_in is present, so all I get is a short-lived access token.

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