No respond after sending message with PRIVMSG


I am connecting IRC chat and login successfully, sending message to my own channel is normal with server respond, but cannot send message to other channel which I do not have the moderator status

Wondering I was blocked because of Chat & Chatbots | Twitch Developers , but no luck after 30 minutes.

PRIVMSG #mychannel test\r\n


PRIVMSG #otherchannels test\r\n

  • No message return

PRIVMSG #otherchannels /clear\r\n

@msg-id=no_permission NOTICE

Is that normal if account was exceed the message limits?

You don’t get the message back when you PRIVMSG, you may get a USERSTATE.

Clients are not sent back the messages they themselves send. So normally you will not get a Server response to a PRIVMSG (other than the USERSTATE, if commands CAP is enabled)

This indicates the logged in user, doesn’t have the moderator role in #otherchannels and/or the oAuth key used to login to chat doesn’t have the channel:moderate scope applied to it.

That would suggest other channel is in followers only mode and the authenticating user is not a follower? You should get a error message back as a NOTICE with the tag msg_followersonly. if you have the COMMANDS and TAGS Caps enabled

I know what should return after sending PRIVMSG and post message to a channel.
But for this case, after sending message to non-moderator status channels, it just no respond or NOTICE.
Will that be possible?

  1. Send message to non-moderator status channels → no NOTICE
  2. Send to own channel → OK, message send out
  3. Just want to confirm my connection is okay, server is able to return error


This test is doing at the same connection.

Doesn’t seem like anything is wrong with what you are doing.

But I can’t be sure due to your censoring.

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In fact the same code are working good in the past year, just stopped able to send message to non-moderator status channels is the past hours.

Will further check if it caused by my oAuth key.


confirm the issue is caused by the scopes chat_login
Updated to chat:edit+chat:read, fixed this problems.

Thanks for your help!

Yeah that’s a deprecated scope. Surprised that even worked at all to auth against as it shouldn’t for “newer” clientID’s iirc

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