Node ChatBot Architecture

I’ve been re-building my chat bot to use webhooks and the new API endpoints.

I got completely stuck on authentication and thankfully in most part to this post OAuth Authorization Code Flow for a chat bot: 401 invalid csrf token Im back on track now.

I realised now that my mistake was thinking I can get the initial authentication code via code.

Before I go ahead and start this again I wanted to check my architecture plan;

  • Authentication route that triggers the request for an access key and refresh key.
  • Redirection route returns the user with a code - corrected by Dist
  • Code is exchanged for access and refresh on token endpoint - corrected by Dist
  • The above basically fires up the bot and is when we can begin to expect webhook payloads - dynamic logic to register routes and subscribe to each webhook desired.
  • Authentication fails from this point I can use the refresh key to re-validate the bot, only returning to the auth route manually if the keys all expire or are invalidated.

With this process I can both listen for webhooks (after subscribing to them) and also query the API to display on routes for webpages that will ultimately become part of scenes in OBS?

I believe this is right and im now on the correct path but i would appreciate a friendly nudge if not.

Incidently, the post linked above would be well placed on the documentation pages :slight_smile:

You’re missing a step in the OAuth process. The Auth Code flow doesn’t return an access key and refresh token, it returns a code with the user to your redirect URI. Your server then has to exchange that code for the access and refresh tokens.

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Ah of course, thank you. The code is sent to in return for an access and refresh.

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