Non-flash player for watching stream

So im making a twitch app for smart tv’s that uses webOS.
webOS dont support flash, so i cant get the player to work at all.

Is there another way i can get i to work with no flash? like HLS support or something, if so, where do i find info on how to use it?

Thanks in advance

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Hi @PatrickRorth

Take a look at this question. This is how to embed a stream with HLS.
Hopefully that’ll help.

Hi @Cookie
Thanks for the reply, but i have already tried that solution:

<iframe height="378" width="620" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" src=""></iframe> ¨

and it didn’t work.
I have also tried with /hls at the end, and that didn’t work either.

So i have no idea, how to load or show that player, without using the flashplayer.

As you can see here, the player is still using flash

And this is the HLS video:

The unsupported player means your browser does not support the non-Flash player Twitch currently has.

Found out it was the emulator that was not supporting flash. When i published the app, and tested it on the tv, it worked great. My bad.

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