Non-Interactive Embed requires Interaction for channels set to Mature

Apparently the non-interactive player, using the iframe method refered to in…

is unable to play back live streams where the channel owner has set the “Mature Audience Only” warning that needs interactive in order to press the “Start Watching” button. Autoplay does not fix this.

I am logged into twitch as well, and have the same stream playing in another tab, and it didnt display the mature warning.

not sure if this is intended functionality or not

Is the mature warning showing in the embed? It’s expected that a user has to click yes to watch mature content, but it is a bug if you’re not seeing the overlay. :slight_smile:

Yes, the Mature Warning does appear.

Yes, the channel i am attempting to view with the embed is a channel with their Mature Content flag set to True.

However, there are 2 different embeds. An “interactive” one that accepts mouse and keyboard input, and a “Non-Interactive” one that has all user interaction disabled, INCLUDING pressing “start video” button on the Mature Content Warning Overlay. Using the “Non-Interactive” embed, NO amount of mouse clicks on the “Start Video” button remove the warning overlay.

The “Interactive” embed works perfectly fine on Mature channels. I can get past the warning overlay and use the playback controls. The “Non-Interactive” one, basically, is completely useless for any channel that is set up to be a Mature channel. ALL you can see is the Warning Overlay, no stream video or audio what so ever, since that warning cannot be bypassed due to no valid forms of interaction.

That is why I am wondering if it was intended functionality for the “Non-Interactive” embed to not work with Mature channels at all, since it requires user interactive to agree to the Mature Warning.

Both ways to embed appear the same to the user. The non-interactive is a simple player on page. The interactive one is the same, but allows the scripts on the hosting webpage to control (or interact) with the player. If there’s something preventing the user from clicking the button, the cause is something else.


Figured out my problem, and it was on my side of things.

I didnt realize that there was another DIV element overlapping with the video player. Because of that, even though the DIV is fully transparent and I could see the embed perfectly, it was preventing any click-thru to the embed itself.

The solution, in case other people run into this issue, is to make sure any DIV overlapping the iframe embed has the following CSS code…


This will make the overlapping element ignore mouse click events and let them pass thru to the next element below them.

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