Non-Interactive Frames for Clips - Errors


I am currentlry trying to embed the Non-Interactive Frames for Clips (Video & Clips | Twitch Developers) in our ReactJS website.

However, the videos are not played on the production website, but they are on the local development machines. The setup is the same.

(From here Non-Interactive Inline Frames for Live Streams and VODs gives out error when in use - #10 by zhouxiang19910319 - API - Twitch Developer Forums I can see I can ignore some errors I receive in the console)

When we embed the twich clip we use the following iframe, as from the documentation:

{props.url} is dynamically set. For instance with the following link: Twitch Error

We always use this format, as described in the documentation.

Our production system runs over https as well. There is no http vs https mix up.

In the console we see the following errors: Screenshot by Lightshot

Using the chrome developer tools I can see that the iframe is reloaded with the video id instead of the slug:
Screenshot by Lightshot (this seems to be ok and can be ignored ? - either way we cannot change that)

The resulting embeded player looks as followed:Screenshot by Lightshot

So here are my questions:

  • What is the difference between the local development and the production usage? Anything we need to do because of CORS Headers?
  • Do we have to register for a web app in the developer dashboard? We do not need to interact with the twitch account of the viewer

We only need to work with clips => no VOD or live streams necessary

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

I’m not seeing any of those errors (except for the postMessage, which is to be expected and safe to ignore) or URL changing in my minimal repro attempt. Something your webapp is doing?

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