Nonce missing from jwt

Hi all, I have created a program for OIDC Authorization Code Flow (ID Tokens and User Access Tokens).
When receiving my jwt, it validates correctly against the jwk, but the payload does not have a nonce value. The value is just misssing, not empty or incorrect, missing. the access_token is valid and have been used to test against the api.

So here is my uri for login:<id>&redirect_uri=<redirect>&response_type=code&scope=openid%20user%3Aread%3Aemail%20user%3Aedit&nonce=e6cd94ca6fdf472dbfc0b3ed59a0dedc&state=e48a347cc26742948a048306e0e4a668

Here is the uri i post to for tokens<id>&client_secret=<secret>&code=<code>&grant_type=authorization_code&redirect_uri=http%3A%2F%2Flocalhost%3A8008%2Fsignin-twitch

Here is the response from posting to token

	  "id_token": "<id_token>",
	  "refresh_token": "<refresh_token>",
	  "access_token": "<access_token>",
	  "scope": "openid user:edit user:read:email",
	  "expires_in": 13172

Here is the id_token decoded

    	  "sub": "<sub>",
    	  "iss": "",
    	  "aud": "<clientid>",
    	  "exp": 1506054707,
    	  "iat": 1506053807