Not 1, but 2 ideas for Twitch

Hi, i’m Pier from Italy and i’ve two ideas for Twitch. I hope that i’ll not write things already known or stupid.

  1. Do you think is possible a collab with Sony? It’ll be useful a link between the subs of a channel and the friends of a player (streamer) of PlayStation, in order to receive message or other only from them or something else. I see everyday streamers that’ll pay for a thing like this.

  2. I’d like to realize a app where i can see the schedule of my favourite streamers and create a notify when he’s online with a certain game. I thought it like this:
    I open the app and see “XYZ will play Fortnite at 9.00 pm” (maybe at 8.00 pm he’s playing Valorant and i’m not interested in it). So i click in and add it to Google Calendar or a similar app. (So until this is like a usual live guide for tv)
    Then i can go to a page like “daily newspaper” where i can see most funny or interesting thing about selected streamer (like guests of the stream, future stream, funny clips,number of sub that he reached up today, news etc.) and comment them with a chat of subs/my friends.

I’ll really hope that it’ll be useful for Twitch.
Thanks for listening, please don’t rage with me if i wrote some stupid thing.

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