Not able to send messages in twitch stream and follow

So, I am kind of new to and I made myself a new acc (this acc is put with a wrong mail but same name), I tried speaking and it said “email not verified”. I said OK and verified the email…came back and the streamer I watched I said “Hello!” on his he had chat… I was able to see everybody’s chat but not mine… So I went to other stream… same bug, I could saw myself sending messages but the streamers and rest wasn’t able… how do I fix this? D: I tried wenting from chrome to firefox, same bug.

//Some points you might say I do wrong//
-Is email verified: Indeed.
-Did you click on right chat?: I did, I went to them all till I found the one where were the mods + the streamer reading the messages
-Is your account banned on their stream?: erm… is new acc… I am not banned…

BTW!: Other when follow the get a messeage on stream “thx for follow” when I follow it won’t.

I belive I can’t speak cuz of my name… but if that was the case how was I able to make it this long in first place.

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