Not Authorized To View This Resource , Extension CSV

Hello, I threw my extension 3 days ago and was trying to get some data from CSV parsing.

the problem:
no button appears to export csv data from the extension on the dashboard.

I tried the api with the generated token with scope: analytics: read: extensions View analytics data for your extensions, but I’m getting:
“error”: “Forbidden”,
“status”: 403,
“message”: “Not Authorized To View This Resource”

do I have to wait a few more days before the button appears or does the api work?

I am having this same issue. Pushed my extension 2 days ago :slight_smile:

Hi @AlbericoD and @roamingtechie, thank you for letting us know about this issue. I will work with my team to investigate what is happening. To help us get started, could you provide me with the names of your extensions, the owner username they are associated with, and also confirm that both of your extensions are in a released state? Feel free to private message me or respond here.


@kristin Thanks for the feedback, the name of my extension is : Fortnite - Jump Polls , owner: albericod, It is released

Hi @AlbericoD, thanks for the information. I checked in our systems and it looks like the CSV is available; however, the Owner of ‘Fortnite - Jump Polls’ is ‘behkko’, not ‘albericod’. If you log in with the ‘behkko’ Twitch ID you should be able to access the CSV or use the Twitch API Get Extension Analytics endpoint . Please let me know on this thread if that helped to resolve the issue and thanks again for reaching out to us!

So, I changed the account username from behkko to albericod some time ago, so the account behkko === albericod :tired_face:

Sorry for the duplicate response, but the button appeared

No worries @AlbericoD! Glad to see that the button is appearing for you and we were able to resolve the issue. Please let us know if you have any feedback on what metrics are useful or not useful to you. We’d love to hear more about how you are leveraging Extension Developer Analytics and what other data, analytics, and insights you would like to see in the future.

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@roamingtechie If you are still unable to access the CSV button, please let me know the name of your extensions, extension client id, and the owner username they are associated with so that I can look into this for you. Feel free to private message me or respond here with the information so that we can help you get access to extension analytics.

@kristin I’m actually having the same issue where the button isn’t showing - Is there a way to dm you the details or should I just post it here?