Not enough info onTransactionComplete when using developer rig


When working with bits in my extension, the transactionObject i’m supposed to get back in the onTransactionComplete callback is missing data when using the developer rig (setUseLoopback(true)). This makes it tricky to develop. I want my EBS to know about a valid purchase of a bits product.

This is what I get:

  "transactionId": "0.1545855817134",
  "product": {
    "sku": "<sku>",
    "displayName": "<name>",
    "cost": {
      "amount": "1",
      "type": "bits"
  "userId": "0",
  "displayName": "bits user",
  "initiator": "current_user"

And the documentation shows all kinds of useful information, with the most important one being the transactionReceipt. How should I go about doing this without having weird logic in the local environment?

Also couldn’t figure out how the broadcast flag on the products work. Is it supposed to work when developing locally?