Not receiving any events after ROOMSTATE

Hey everyone,

Lately I’ve been working on my asynchronous twitch IRC library for python, which you can find here. However, about a week ago it all stoppped working when I restarted the bot without changing code.
Here’s the exact problem:
The StreamReader doesn’t receive anything other than PINGs after ROOMSTATE, but it should be getting PRIVMSG and all channel events as well.

Here’s an image of the current state:

Note: At this point the code was set to send all non-empty events to console.

If anyone knows if this is on twitch’s end or me screwing up code, please let me know!

~ Martmists

Can you show commands you are sending to the server? In the JOIN response after the last CAP ACK, the channel is missing # so make sure you are joining #martmists and not just martmists.

Whoops, looks like I deleted that # on accident in one of my commits. Thanks!

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