Not sure why my authorization is being rejected for my own channel

Was that the solution to your problem? I’m having the same error appear, even though I am using it for the same account that has requested and received the Oauth token with the correct scope (channel:manage:broadcast).

Not sure why my authorization is being rejected for my own channel.

Use the validate endpoint

To verify your token type and scopes present on the token.

If the response doesn’t return a user_id and login then you have the wrong token type

It comes back fine.

{“client_id”:"[CLIENTID]",“login”:"[USERNAME]",“scopes”:[“bits:read”,“channel:edit:commercial”,“channel:manage:broadcast”,“channel:manage:polls”,“channel:manage:predictions”,“channel:manage:redemptions”,“channel:manage:videos”,“channel:moderate”,“channel:read:hype_train”,“channel:read:polls”,“channel:read:predictions”,“channel:read:redemptions”,“channel:read:subscriptions”,“chat:edit”,“chat:read”,“clips:edit”,“moderation:read”,“user:edit:follows”,“whispers:edit”,“whispers:read”],“user_id”:"[USERNAME’s USERID]",“expires_in”:14337}

But it still comes back unauthorized when I try to change the title of the broadcast.

What does your call look like to update the title?

it sounds like the user_id on the validate endpoint is not the broadcaster_id you sent with the update my channel call

The same as Sibqo’s, except my ID.

I am submitting it via AJAX, however. Might that be the problem? It’s an offline program, so it’s just my program talking to Twitch.

Every other request I make seems successful.

Perhaps. Wihtout looking at your code/workflow. I’m not sure what the problem is.

if calling public data then it’ll just work.

Private data/updates is where we seem to have an issue in your workflow

Their issue was

So they had the wrong ID to match the ID in their token.

417634528 corresponds to challacc

Does your token have the user_id of 417634528 and login of challacc ?

Yeah, I took note of that and generated a new Oauth for ChallAcc just in case that was the issue, and I had the wrong ID. I’m still getting the same issue.


And can you confirm the error you are getting from the call?

And show the code that is generating the call, not a screenshot of what happens

{“error”:“Unauthorized”,“status”:401,“message”:“incorrect user authorization”}

And sorry about the screenshot, but that’s the way the program I use works. It’s not real coding, but rather visual coding.

Then without that I have no idea how to help you.

This error indicates that one of the following occured

  • the token passed is not a user token.
  • the token passed is for a different user.

Without the code it’s difficult to know whats actually going on.
And the messaging in the screenshot displays no useful information tor trace the problem

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