Notification for incoming automatic commercial breaks

As Twitch seems to be pushing more towards us broadcasters using the platform’s ad manager, I’d like to start using it as well for my stream, however I run automated commercial breaks on my API on specific downtime moments already.

I’d like to move towards letting the ad manager decide the recommended commercial break strategy, however I would need to then adjust my content to “slow down” in advance for when Twitch runs them. I noticed there is an option in the ad manager to notify the broadcaster whenever an ad break is incoming up to at least 20 minutes in advance. Is there a way for me to receive that through the API as well, maybe through EventSub? I noticed there’s an option to enable notifications in chat as well. Maybe I could receive the notification through the chat API that way? I haven’t tested any of this.

Provides the next_ad_at time
EventSub only has a “ads are running”

It does not have “ads are about to run”/“ad schedule was updated”

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