Number of total gifted subs is always zero when received with mysterygift

Take a look at this submysterygift:

@badges=subscriber/3;color=#1E90FF;display-name=alanmerf;emotes=;flags=;id=574677eb-081b-482d-bef5-69a1aa4cea36;login=alanmerf;mod=0;msg-id=submysterygift;msg-param-mass-gift-count=1;msg-param-sender-count=12;msg-param-sub-plan=1000;room-id=55935171;subscriber=1;system-msg=alanmerf\sis\sgifting\s1\sTier\s1\sSubs\sto\sNastjadd's\scommunity!\sThey've\sgifted\sa\stotal\sof\s12\sin\sthe\schannel!;tmi-sent-ts=1538742840725;turbo=0;user-id=103295621;user-type= USERNOTICE #nastjadd

msg-param-sender-count=12 so it means the user has gifted 12 subs. We also see it in the system-msg
But now take a look at the corresponding subgift:

@badges=subscriber/3;color=#1E90FF;display-name=alanmerf;emotes=;flags=;id=6633025d-d7e7-44d5-b317-70e6a86fe90d;login=alanmerf;mod=0;msg-id=subgift;msg-param-months=1;msg-param-recipient-display-name=0qq_;msg-param-recipient-id=47010203;msg-param-recipient-user-name=0qq_;msg-param-sender-count=0;msg-param-sub-plan-name=Nastjadd\s<3;msg-param-sub-plan=1000;room-id=55935171;subscriber=1;system-msg=alanmerf\sgifted\sa\sTier\s1\ssub\sto\s0qq_!;tmi-sent-ts=1538742841592;turbo=0;user-id=103295621;user-type= USERNOTICE #nastjadd

There, msg-param-sender-count=0, but it should be the same as above, 12! It is always the case in a subgift when it is initiated by a mysterygift. However it works fine in usual subgifts.
You could say that you count gifted subs and randomly gifted subs as two separate things, but that wouldn’t make sense to me…

P.S. what is this ‘flags’ tag?

I think the gift is supposed to be zero as in a bomb it skips the x has done y gifts part of the message. (since it’s bombing and the x has done y gifts is done in the header of the bomb). Saves a bit of vertical space in chat. And probably easier to set to 0 than add a data parameter to mark as gift when passing an instruction to the chat renderer

No idea.

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