OAuth 2.0 authentication on React Native

Hey everybody,

I’ve been trying to add Twitch authentication (via OAuth 2.0/OpenID) to my React Native app for a while.

I’ve tried a few generic OAuth packages for react native but I can’t seem to get any to work with Twitch. The closest I got so far was with react-native-app-auth (opened an issue on GitHub, but received no comments so far:https://github.com/FormidableLabs/react-native-app-auth/issues/127).

Has anyone here managed to get Twitch authentication working on their React Native app? I’ve searched quite a bit and to my dismay could not find anything relevant.

Would be grateful for any insights/ideas.

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What problems error codes are you running into?

oAuth is relatively straightforward, but the secrets should/ought to be handled server side, which I imagine is where you are running into a hiccup?

I’m trying to get an authorization code from /authorize on the frontend, and then send it over HTTPS to have it verified on my backend with a /token call, but I can’t get it to return the ID token on React Native.

The error I’ve been getting from the React Native package I’m trying to use is {“status”:400,“message”:“missing client secret”}, but it may be misconfigured, hence is why I’m looking to see if anyone got it to work with React Native before.

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