oAuth Authentication problem

im working on a bot Teamspeakbot wich gives useres the twitch sub group when they join the server.

When a user authorizes the application, the oauth key gets saved in a mysql database that the bot can get the auth key and check that the user is sub.

But now i have the problem that the key always changes :confused:

Is there a way to get a fixed oauth, or someone has a better idea?



It’ll only change/update if the user auths again.

A given oAuth token may expire, in that case you need to use the refresh token and refresh the oAuth token

I authorized my test account yesterday, but today the oAuth token dont work anymore.

So i have to authorize again and save the new oAuth token to work with it

You should refer to this section of the docs about using the refresh token to obtain a new oAuth token https://dev.twitch.tv/docs/authentication/#refreshing-access-tokens

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