OAuth Authorization Code Flow Tokens expire after few hours

I currently try to understand the process of getting OAuth codes, which I need for my chatbot.
I am doing it like it is described here: https://dev.twitch.tv/docs/authentication/getting-tokens-oauth/#oauth-authorization-code-flow
I get an access token and also the refresh token, but my expires_in is only a few hours, where on 3rd party Token Webistes, Keys last for 60 days. How can I get the key to last longer?

You can’t

The 3rd party token websites use a legacy clientID.

Those will soon (TM VALVE TIME) also have a short expires_in

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So how is it if a token expires while a PubSub connection is active? Does it get terminated and has to reopened with the new token?

Just like chat, currently it’s only checked when you connect to the service.

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