Oauth redirection error

Hello !

i have a little issue with the redirection to get my token. I use angular with “useHash: true” in my routing configuration. but it’s seems to generate error when i try to get my token.
witch useHash: false
redirect url in my link: https://myWebSite/redirection&scope=user_read
redirect url in the twitch console panel: https://myWebSite/redirection

this seems to work correctly but…

witch useHash: true
redirect url in my link: https://myWebSite/#/redirection&scope=user_read
redirect url in the twitch console panel: https://myWebSite/#/redirection

I get this error: error=redirect_mismatch&error_description=Parameter%20redirect_uri%20does%20not%20match%20registered%20URI

anyone know something about that error ?

thank for you help

Ok i find a solution. i just change my server configuration for deep link and remove the #. it’s working now.

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