OAuth Scope issue getting moderator list

Hi, I’m making a request to https://api.twitch.tv/helix/moderation/moderators?broadcaster_id= to aquire a list of all moderators for the channel.

I’ve aquired an app oauth token (this is happening in the backend on an overlay) with the scope of ‘moderation:read’ as the documentation says.

I’m getting a 401 “Insufficient authorization in token” error in response. What further scopes does my auth token need to access this?

This sounds like you got an “app access token” instead of a “user token”

You need a “user token”, where the user in the token matches the broadcaster_id

So, to get Lirik’s moderators, I use a token I got from Lirik
And to get CohhCarnage’s moderators, I use a CohhCarnage Token

And thus have permission from those casters to get their moderators

One of these:

You can check the type you have by calling

and seeing if a “user_id” is returned in the payload

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