OAuth Token no longer works for the "New Twitch API"

I’ve had a valid token for the last 2 months and all of a sudden today it no longer works. I can’t even make basic requests through Postman. I attempted to generate a new bearer token by clicking the new secret button but this new token didn’t help.

Basically when I make the request I’m tapping an endpoint like this:


and setting the headers prior to the request:

Client-ID: **********************
Authorization: Bearer ********************

This process has worked for the last 2 months, has something changed recently that I wasn’t aware of? For reference this is the JSON response I get:

    "error": "Unauthorized",
    "status": 401,
    "message": "Invalid OAuth token"

The generate new secret doesn’t generates an app token.
Your old one probably expired and you just needed to generate a new one using https://dev.twitch.tv/docs/authentication/getting-tokens-oauth#oauth-client-credentials-flow

I see, what’s the expiration rates for tokens? I’ll try to avoid this next time.

edit: I see the expiration comes with the response. Thanks for the help! I must have forgotten that I did this.

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