Obs at2035 xbox one in game chat

So im pretty much a religious gamer so i want to try and start recording and streaming. I got an el gato hd60 and got it running beautiful quality to a stream just fine with obs. My question is i ordered a at2035 to have good audio quality. How am i going to be able to set that up so my voice matches up with the poeple im playing xbox one with. because all i got for a head set is a basic xbox head set it comes with. Im just a little lost as how it all needs to be finagled to work right. Thanks for any help or advice.

I’m not sure if I understood you correctly, but what you’re saying is that you want to record with good quality audio while streaming?

These are the Twitch developer forums. They aren’t the place for this kind of question. You might want to ask this on /r/Twitch instead.

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