OBS Audio Problem

Make OBS listen to the default audio device they said.
Set your main output device as default they said.
It’s probably copyrighted so OBS wont listen to it they said.

Okay, I have 5 different playback devices, all of which wont work for some reason with OBS. OBS isn’t listening to it no matter what I do. I took an hour and thirty minutes to first make OBS listen to this one device, stop the stream, start up again five times. Then, since they all didn’t work, I stopped the stream, set the audio device, and started streaming again five times which didn’t work still.
I know what it’s supposed to look like because of youtube videos and stuff, but mine doesn’t quite look like that. I refuse to use microphone, although, when I did try it, OBS actually found it, but it didn’t pick up any sound. Maybe because my heaphone jack is in the port. My port is on my computer speakers. My computer speakers are separate and are hooked up to my computer.

OBS did recently do an update but I tried everything to no avail.

Is 4chan leaking? :hushed:

Nah, but seriously - This is the Twitch Developer Forums, try the OBS Support Forums, /r/obs, or /r/twitch.

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