🔸 October 19, 2017 – Developer Day at TwitchCon 2017

Following this year’s release of streamer and developer-friendly products like Drops and Games Commerce, Twitch is continuing our commitment to the developer community by hosting our first ever developer-dedicated event at TwitchCon.

The event will be held on October 19 in Long Beach, CA, one day prior to the conference. Game creators and stream tools developers at all levels – from hobbyists to AAA studios – are invited to learn more about the Twitch Developer Platform, hear directly from the people behind the products, and share experiences.

Please join us to learn from the Twitch Developers team and professionals in the industry. We’ll cover a wide variety of topics from incorporating Twitch into your business strategy to demonstrating products to build the next great Twitch viewing experience. Some of the products to be discussed are the Twitch API, Amazon Web Services, Twitch Identity, Drops, Lumberyard, and Twitch Games Commerce.

Space is limited; please visit the event page to request a ticket. A ticket to Developer Day at TwitchCon 2017 will also include a badge for TwitchCon – your opportunity to meet with Twitch Partners with whom you can build your mutual community.

For those unable to be with us in Long Beach, we are streaming sessions on October 19 on twitch.tv/twitchdev and uploading all presentations after TwitchCon. Follow @TwitchDev and #TwitchDevDay for updates.


Would have loved to know about this before I booked my flights. I can’t even watch the live stream because I will be on a plane.

We’re sorry to hear that the timing doesn’t work out to experience the sessions live. We realize there may be other attendees in the same situation and we plan to improve the timing of event communication in the future.

Know that all of the content will be available on the TwitchDev Channel Page after the event and the Twitch Developers team will be in the main Twitch booth. Please drop in and chat with us.

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Can you give us an idea as to when we’ll find out if our ticket request is approved? I’m really looking forward to Dev Day!

To follow up on Developer Day content, you can find slides and videos on this blog post.

We also Tweeted about the content if you’d like to share via Twitter.

Apologies if you did not receive a response to your request. We’ve heard the same for other developers and the team will be improving communication for Developer Day and similar events in the future.

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Went to the Dev Day, extremely useful and thanks to all the devs that spoke. Met some really interesting people, like Jean-Nicolas Vollmer, Kathy Astromoff and our fearless advocate @Amorelandra :slight_smile:. Will definitely be going next year if we can get more tickets, and the free t-shirts were very much appreciated! Our whole team are now wearing Twitch developer shirts.

Hey @nitro_marky!

I’m so glad you found the event to be of such value! Also thank you for the mention, I’m honored.

I too cannot wait for next year, and I welcome your feedback for how we can make it even better!

— Amorelandra

@Amorelandra the Lamdba code you showed during your talk would be great to have a closer look at. Is it on GitHub or can it be sent at all? We’re trying to build a completely serverless application so will be relying heavily on things like Lambda.

@nitro_marky hey!

I’m working to get that and other demo code ready for release to open source!

I will post here when we have more code available, but in the mean time please feel free to reach out w/ questions.