OIDC Id Token not being retrieved

I am currently using OIDC to retrieve the ID Token. I have the code working that gets the “code” and I can get the access token and the refresh token, but the id token is not in the response. I know it is because I do not have openid in the scope, but when I include it in the scope, it won’t run because id_token is not in the response_type parameter. But when I put id_token in the responsetype, I get the error that the id_token is not valid and doing this also pretty much defeats the purpose of using OIDC.

I switched back to the v5 api and it works perfectly with just putting openid in the scope, but it seems with the new api you cannot put openid in the scope without also having id_token in the responsetype. I was wondering if anyone knows the solution to this or when it will be fixed?


Can you show your full code/oAuth loop that you are doing?

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