OIDC Logout URI Redirect

I’m building an oAuth application that will use twitch to authenticate users. Right now, I can successfully login, and logout (delete their cookie), but I get dropped at the 404 page at https://id.twitch.tv/oauth2/revoke.

What I’d like to have happen is they get redirected back to a page of my choosing (the apps homepage). I’m using Vouch with Nginx for the server setup, and I can post my configs if necessary.

This isn’t a “logout page” that you can send users to

This is a URL that your backend service makes a HTTP POST call to. users are not supposed to visit it directly in a browser.

Got it, so I should have my front end app make a call to the backend to do the POST call as I’m sending them to my signout page and deleting my auth providers cookie? Or can I have a single page do the post call and them redirect them to whatever page I want?

Either or works.

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