On the config page of an extension, what is the mechanism that displays "Needs configuration"


My problem is that the configuration of my extension is blocked, it displays “needs configuration”.

I am developing an extension in react.
In a useEffect hook I call the configuration.set, configuration.onChanged and onAuthorized functions.
When the user clicks on a save button I call configuration.set function to save the data.

I don’t understand what is blocking the configuration.

What causes the “needs configuration” message and how can I remove it?

This API method, or using a Version in the .set JS Helper call


window.Twitch.ext.configuration.set('segment', VERSIONMATCHINGBELOW, 'config);

Coupled with the relevant field(s) in the dev console

So the version that was .set needs to match the relevant field entry from the screenshot. Or if EBS calling/setting config you do a second call to Set Extension Required Configuration

if you do not require this system blanking the fields in the dev console should resolve, but you may need to fully uninstall/reinstall the extension after blanking the dev console fields

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