OpenAPI specification yaml or json for "the new Twitch api"

I’m migrating my backend from api v3 to the new api.
is there any public swagger.yaml or json api spec.
I already checked the documentation but it seems that it’s not there.

Thanks for any suggestions and I apologize if I missed something …

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The new Twitch API is documented here

Thanks for your answer but as I mentionned, I already looked at the documentation :

I’m looking for the yaml specification … like Open API in order to write the right client or generate it using the swagger online editor :

Swagger online editor

I guess it’s not available “yet”

Why do you expect it to be?

It’s not on the roadmap either

Nor was it available for v3 or v5.

I’m sure Twitch could put it on the roadmap if enough people wanted it.

Well, It would be nice that twitch adds clients to it’s new api (Javascript /Java / .net … etc.)

As there is no client available for the “new twitch api” I thought they might provide an openapi yaml specification file which is the standard so I can generate the client in any desired language.

It wasn’t available for v3 or v5 … doesn’t mean it’s a good thing. it means that v3 and v5 lack of the specification so when you go to npm and type “twitch” you will end up having at least 100 implementation of something that should have been provided by twitch.

Different developers have different needs, hence the different modules on NPM as there’s more than 1 right way to go about it, and Twitch provide you all the documentation you need to access the API in whatever way might be most suitable to you.

I don’t use yaml, but looking at a quick google it looks to just be a simple specification of the expected inputs/outputs for the api. I’m trying to understand what’s stopping you making it yourself based on the documentation Twitch has provided?

Not that I care if Twitch supports this or not but, as a engineer on a large cloud-based human resources software package, Swagger files are provided for API endpoints for a simple reason: they are accurate. Twitch has been known to not have accurate documentation and return data models that do not match the documentation. Given their track record, having an automated Swagger solution provided would resolve some of those issues. You can use the YAML to validate the returned JSON and know what to expect and can skip potentially faulty documentation and rather have a generic representation of the data model provided that can be easily parsed.

If he were to make the YAML himself and the documentation is wrong or Twitch changes something, what automatically updates his YAML configuration? This is why automation from the source is important and valuable.

Just my two cents.



Thanks, as I said I’ve never used it so it’s quite interesting to learn a bit about it. It sounds like it would be a nice addition, but one of a great many of other things that would also be nice for the API to have but are not essential or a priority.


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