Optimizing Twitch API requests for a high-traffic bot - Emmanuel Katto

Hello All, I am Emmanuel Katto from Uganda. I’m building a high-traffic bot that needs to make frequent requests to the Twitch API to fetch and update user data. However, I’m experiencing issues with rate limiting and API errors, which is affecting the performance and reliability of my bot.

I’ve tried implementing exponential backoff and retry mechanisms, but I’m still seeing errors like “429 Too Many Requests” and “503 Service Unavailable”. I’ve also increased my API key’s rate limit by submitting a request to the Twitch API team, but I’m still hitting the limit frequently.

I’m looking for advice on how to optimize my API requests to minimize the impact of rate limiting and improve the overall performance of my bot.


To update user data you will likely be using the broadcasters own token.

So that should be basically impossible to hit the rate limit on.
As why would you be update user data 800+ times a minute?

What requests are you making?