Organisation request has disappeared and statuses are unknown

Hi there,

I reached out to the twitch support about this (case number 06453302) and they pointed me here. I have looked around and cannot find anything similar but I hope you can help me.

I have registered 2 organizations on my account on twitch in August.

One of the requests has disappeared from my Twitch Developers. The other has been in pending status since I added the request.

Please advise on how I can get a status on these. From the documentation, I should have received an email which is why I think maybe there is some problem. I have received no information in email, or notifications.

Apologies if I have incorrectly categorized the post. I am unsure of where to place it and twitch support have not been clear.

Thank you,

Hi has anyone had any similar situations? Its been around 3 months now with no update from Twitch Support. Any idea on who I can contact?