Organization request pending for a long while

Hello, I created and submitted an organization request more then one week ago, but have not gotten any responses, and is stuck on pending. Is there an ETA on how long it usually takes for the request to be looked at? Any type of help or support is appreciated, thanks!

3-5 working days

But Friday just gone and Monday coming are US/Twitch Holidays adding to delays

So I should get a response after Monday?

Depending on whatever things are in the queue. You’ll hear back tuesday at the earliest. But thats gonna have four days worth of thigns in the queue

oh ok, thanks for replying and letting me know.

It has been almost 2 weeks, and my organization requests are still stuck in pending.

Same situation here. I’ve applied over two weeks ago. It’s still showing pending & I’ve received no email.

Hey, my org has been pending for a month now and I thought maybe I filled out the form wrong so I made another one, but I cant delete the old one and I’m stuck with 2 pending applications for a month now. Wish there was a way we could edit/delete them.

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