Over 2000 accounts suspected of being spam bots

A streamer I follow (MetalManiacMat) has been having problems with spam bots. I noticed that all the accounts were created on either May or June 2016 and they have no profile image, bio, or banner. Checking some other chat logs on https://overrustlelogs.net/ with the same usernames, I found over 2000 accounts that fit this profile: https://pastebin.com/eYEcBYfB. I know it’s a bit broad, but I’m willing to bet that at least 90% of those accounts are indeed spam bots.

Is there anything Twitch can do about this? Maybe revoke their oauth? Is it possible to track down their IP?

This forum is for third party developer support, so we can’t do anything about it here. I would file this through the regular support channels at https://help.twitch.tv.

But bots are third party softwares. Is it not possible to revoke their oauth and simply ask them to create a new one? It won’t be a major inconvenience to false positives, but it would stop most of the spam.

Yes, they are third party software. Having said that, we are not the team that deals with spam and removing bot accounts.

@wood_croft as Dallas mentioned this isn’t really the place for general spam complaints.

That being said, could you please email me at xangold@twitch.tv with more information about these? Simply being created in May without a profile image isn’t enough to suspend an account. If you could send me suspicious chat messages from those users I’d be more than happy to investigate more for you.

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