Overlay Extension EBS

I’m new to extensions and I’m creating a new extension to enhance viewer/broadcaster view on the stream that can react to follows, subs, bits… like a customized alert with simple animation with css while streaming

I have the front end part finished, but I’m missing the EBS part with the /broadcast part.

However I’m not sure if I’m on the right path for this kind of visual aid since extensions are lazy when broadcasting. Since it might be important that the broadcaster reacts to the alert and viewers are in “synch”/viewing the same alert.

am I off on this or is it better to look at other tools to achieve this like maybe within twitch studio?

For an alerts system. you would tranditionall build a web page which displays alerts/animatiosn/etc

This web page would then be used in the streaming software the streamers uses as a “browser source”

This would include the alerts within the video.

If you instead output via an Extension in any slot thats fine too.

Not any more “lazy” than having it as a browser source.

Generally speaking all alerts are gonna pop at the same time for every user that has the extension loaded. So I wouldn’t worry about sync.

Twitch studio is pretty limited and provides alert stuff itself. Not sure of the current state of third party support for third party alerts within studio.

There is nothing wrong with your approach.

Personally I just wouldn’t do this as an extension


Thanks for the quick reply Barry,

I assume you would go with the traditional approach with the web page that goes through the streaming software and is posted in the video.

when you say streaming software you mean something like obs? if yes would you have a reference to go read or some samples I’m just trying to evaluate both options since having an extension might be not as bad as you mention with a simple EBS broadcasting from pub/sub subscriptions

On overlay, just like an extension.

Is just a webpage where the front end is on a different server to the backend and you need to use pubsub/sockets/something to communicate between the two.

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