Overlay in hosted test is only visible to broadcaster

My overlay works locally, and then I place it in hosted test. I can activate it on my channel, and it appears on my stream, but it is not visible to another account or anon viewer watching my stream.

Is this expected behavior? I’ve tried deploying very simple views as well as the getting-started boilerplates, but I run into the same issue.

I’m just trying to make sure I can deploy something successfully before I start really working on a view with animations that responds to PubSub subscriptions.


Hosted test does not make it available to anyone. You have to add users to the Testing whitelist during your testing phase.

Once you are ready to make it available to all then push it to review, once reviewed by Twitch you can then release to all and then at that point everyone can see it.

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Ah, I somehow just noticed that the access page had a distinction between allowing access to install and access to use.


That’s not completely correct…

The install whitelist is for a live extension once it is released. Only these channels can install once reviewed and released

The other is a whitelist for testing. All people in the whitelist for testing can install and view.