Overlay problems with keyboard input


during testing our new release of extension we discovered some problems:
The Extension has a text-input field. If the extension is setup as overlay and you click in the textfield, the curser jumps in the textfield and blinks, but you cant type in any text. If you press on letters, nothing happens and if you press space the live stream goes into pause.
So it seems that the stream player will grab the keyboard input?
The problem only happens in Firefox browser and IE. It doesnt happen in Chrome.

Some experiments shows: If I click outside the stream player and thereafter directly into the textbox, than it works. But if I do a click somewhere in the straming player and thereafter click into the textbox, I have the problem again (focus goes into the textbox and cursor is blinkng, but keyboard inputs will be still parsed to the player instead into the textbox)

If I setup the Extension as component, this problem dont exists.

Is it a known issue?
Is there a way to solve it?

Hey curiosityGuy,

This is a known bug that is on Mozilla’s side of things and will require them to push a fix through.

Did you find any workaround?