Packaging a tool which the broadcaster will need to run locally

Hey all,

For an extension I’m working on I need to include a tool which the broadcaster will need to run locally. The tool watches a games log file and parses the data, which will then be sent to the EBS before being put through the pub/sub setup.

One thing I’m not sure on is twitches guidelines for packaging this with the extension and how that should be handled. Especially if updates to the tool need to be handled out of band from updates to the extension.

Sorry if this is something already covered in the docs! Couldn’t find it for the life of me.

Twitch doesn’t validate/verify/test the local application generally speaking.

Their primary concern is the code uploaded to the Twitch CDN and their testing doesn’t cover any local applications/game mods the broadcaster may need.

I run an extension thats been live since extensions existed, that does exactly what you propse.

  • Local App reads a game file
  • Local app sends data to my EBS
  • My EBS parses and copies relevant data to the extension over Twitch PubSub.

The only thing in the guidelines, that is related, is you cannot require a viewer to download/install something to use an extension, but broadcasters, it’s basically expected for a lot of game related extensions

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Thanks Barry,

This matches with what I’d been thinking from looking around, but I really appreciate the clarifcation.