Pan (touchmove) not working in mobile extension

Hi, I have problem with touchmove events in mobile extension. I try to make custom horizontal slider with ‘touch and drag’ behavior but touchmove events stop issuing after 5-7 events following by touchcancel event.
As experiment I tried to put to the extension standard html5 range element and it does not work too. I also tried to use hammer.js library with its pan event and it was also unsuccessful.
Meanwhile my custom slider works properly inside chrome simulated mobile device (not twitch mobile application) and in the real mobile browser.
I suspect twitch application running webview with the extension may intercept touch events and start swipe event in context of the mobile app thus cancelling webview touch events, but I have no idea how to check it and how it can help me.
Does anyone successfully used touchmove events in the mobile extension?

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