Panel and Overlay in name of extension

So the situation is I sent my Overlay extension in for review, this came back with “You can’t have overlay in the name of your extension”. Well okay, so next week when I release the Panel version of the same extension, I’m assuming I cannot use the word Panel. This coupled with the fact you can’t have two extensions of the same name and the RFC is on the forum but I have no idea what stage it’s at.

What am I meant to use as the name? It has a name and I used the Overlay and Panel wording to distinguish the two. I could just put O and P and change the description but that’s about as useful UX as a kick in the nuts.

Side note: it would be helpful to have some sort of validation on the extension name textbox. As I had submitted for review before having this come back. Validation on the textbox would have saved 36 hours…

Okay, someone contacted me after the fact and yes you are allowed to use Panel and Overlay.