Panel extension for Beginner


I am brand new to twitch extension dev. things. I was wondering if there is a good beginner guide to building a panel extension. I have done a few video component hello world things was wondering if there is one for panel extension so I can use that to understand how to build them.


It’s the same thing just in a panel rather than on the video.

You just have a fixed width rather than up to 50% width
And a choice of heights.

Thank you. I relized this once I posted that. One more question how to a link a page from the panel extension. For example if I wanted to link a sponsor discount code website that will show up on the bottom of the page.

I know the a href stuff but like when i publish the extension will the link look like the name with the box and arrow next to it at bottom?

Box and arrow? What link?

It’s JUST a website, so normal <a href

As long as it’s essential to the function of the extension and doesn’t violate the rules and guidelines.